PhysiqueRescue Podcast Episode 13: Is Barefoot Running Dangerous?

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In This EpisodeBarefoot

  • Is Barefoot Running Dangerous?
  • We Go in-depth on a Reader Question

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Is Barefoot Running Dangerous? (05:00)


From Robert via Email (28:47): I have been working to change to paleo. Obviously when you’ve been as lazy & non nutritionalistic as I have you’ll fall off the wagon occasionally but it’s been less than I would have thought. . . Is this a good regimen for a 300lb man looking to lose weight. I’m not a typical 300 lb man. I go to the gym, play baseball in the summer and ball hockey in the summer outside, inside in winter. I can go though periods of lazy and I like to eat. Just looking to turn my life around. . .



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  • Jonathan Swaringen

    Buying Lugol’s or Iodoral with required Co-Supplements isn’t that expensive. ATP-Cofactors, 6-50 mg Lugol’s/Iodoral, 3000-6000 mg of Vitamin C and Magnesium and a good source of Selenium.

    Fish and seafood is obviously better but supplements are probably cheaper. Or maybe he could do a bit of both.

    From the podcast I think this is a major issue.

    • Matthew Hampton


      Thanks for the comments! I passed along your other comments to Robert in an email and hopefully it can make a difference in his health. Thanks for listening!


      • Jonathan Swaringen

        No problem hope it does…not that it really matters but my name is spelled Jonathan. It seems people can’t help but add an h in there. Its just a pet peeve of mine. I wouldn’t even mention it but it makes me cringe when I see it…just call me weird I guess. Lol

        • Matthew Hampton

          Not weird at all! I apologize for that, I guess even I couldn’t help but put that “h” in there. It has since been corrected.


          • Jonathan Swaringen

            Thank you much 🙂 for correcting it and for saying I’m not weird. You didn’t have to though I don’t mind being weird 😛 Its not so bad depending on what weirdness it is 😛

  • Jonathan Swaringen

    Ellipticals are fine for a HIIT workout. Its much easier on the knees. You can also do a HIIT in the pool thats easy on the knees, but if you already go to a gym why not use it.

    Not sure whats wrong with Ellipticals.

    • Matthew Hampton

      It goes back a long way. I have an extreme aversion to ellipticals because of the “illusion” of exercise that it can promote. Examples such as gym patrons reading their favorite magazine on it or spending hours using it believing that they can out exercise a poor diet. I’m a firm believer that human beings were meant to walk, and on occasion run very fast. While a person could technical do some interval training on an elliptical, I seldom see it and view actually sprinting as far more beneficial.


      • Jonathan Swaringen

        Actual sprinting would kill my knees but I understand what you are saying. When my knees can take it I will certainly do so. Think I need to lose some weight before that happens though.

        I’ve done a bit of running and my knees/joints really don’t like it at all. I read Body by Science which is all about High intensity weights training and high intensity interval training so I’m definitely not a steady state cardio person.

        I noticed you like free weights better than machines to and I’ve heard the arguments for that. I’ll probably try to use them too once I get a gym membership, but think I’ll start with the machines just to get used to exercise first.

        I don’t have the money for a trainer and I think the machines would be easier to do to start with at least. Easier to do proper form and such.

        Especially since I’ve read Mark Sisson’s Mark’s Daily Apple. Steady state cardio just isn’t very good.

        • Matthew Hampton

          Totally agree with you on the drawbacks of steady state cardio. I typically only do something LISS occasionally and it’s mainly just to “clear my mind” and aid in recovery.

          As to the machines, stay away from them as much as possible. You will not develop any strength through your core and the development of the smaller supporting muscles will be blunted. Many basic bodyweight and free weight movements are not difficult to learn. I would recommend starting with bodyweight to get used to exercise first than transition into adding more resistance and difficulty to those.

          As a final note: there is no direct replicating of picking up a heavy object and performing a movement with it on a machine. If you feel you need some extra instruction to learn to the movements, it would be wise to employ the services of someone who can teach you the basic movements.