PhysiqueRescue Podcast Episode 9: Soft Drinks Still Cause Obesity Despite New Advertising, New Research Shows Fast Food is Unhealthy, and Is Intermittent Fasting Good For You?

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In This Episode

  • White tea benefits
  • The Perfect Health Diet
  • Research proves that Fast Food is unhealthy and we talk about the worst offenders.
  • Soft drinks cause weight gain and are not healthy in spite of the new advertising campaign from a major beverage copmany.
  • An organization doing some great things to fight hunger with nutrition.
  • All about metabolism and intermittent fasting.

Weekly Topic/In The News

White Tea and The Perfect Health Diet

Fast Food (15:00)

Soft Drinks (28:38)

Hidden Harvest (40:40)


How often should you eat to keep your metabolism up? (43:44) @beyourwholeself



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