PhysiqueRescue Podcast Episode 8: Ladies Night w/ a Very Special Guest

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In This Episode

  • We go into all things health and wellness related for women in our most EPIC podcast yet!


    Strong is the new Skinny!

  • We have a very special (female) guest!
  • The exercises that women should be incorporating into their workouts.
  • The common misconceptions that women have concerning exercise.
  • The results that normal women can expect.
  • How an elliptical machine is like a couch and I show my love for the swiss ball (sarcasm)

Ladies Night:

Introduction of our special guest with background.

  • We discuss how women are typically introduced to weight training programs.
  • How women can build the bodies they want regardless of their background with exercise.
  • The results that normal women can expect.

Some key differences between the typical exercise background of men and women. (35:00)

Misconceptions about heavy weights (40:20)

Responses from twitter (41:00)

How an elliptical machine is like a couch. (43:50)

Where do most women get their information about health? (48:50)

Introduction to a Paleolithic Diet (1:01:00)

Exercise for women (1:05:50)

Resources for the best form (1:13:00)



How do you get rid of cellulite? (01:34:00)

How do you recover from soreness? (01:37:00)

Is yoga or weightlifting better for getting “toned”? (01:46:14)

How not to bulk up? Pre/Post Nutrition? Sets/Reps? How to get a pullup? (01:52:00)

Quotes (2:00:00)

“You don’t lose your femininity when you gain strength and you have an athletic build” …
A fit, healthy body—is the best fashion statement:)!??
Confidence is sexy, and a 300 lb deadlift makes you confident, ripping of some pullups in the gym makes you confident.


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