4 Uncommon Goal Setting Secrets to Build Muscle, Boost Confidence & Live The Life You Want in 2013

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The following is a guest post from Justin Devonshire, a Men’s Fitness Specialist & Creator of www.AlphaBodyBlog.com


Let’s get real. We all know that most, if not all, new years’ resolutions fail before they’ve even gotten off the ground (or even out of your head and onto paper).

However, there is an extremely effective – but well hidden – formula that many successful people have used to ensure that they stick to their goals and make them into profitable or life-changing success-stories. I’m going to use today’s blog post to reveal to you what that formula is.

What are your goals? Lose fat? Build muscle? Earn more money? Be more confident? Attract more women into your life?

Whatever it is, read on because this post will tell you exactly how to make the likelihood of your dreams come true increase by at least 50%…

Why Haven’t You Achieved the Things You Want?

There are many reasons why you haven’t achieved the success you want in life yet. The biggest is simply not having defined exactly WHAT it is you want. After all, without a specific destination the journey will take forever.

Step 1 – Writing Your Goals

So grab a pen and paper and let’s get to work on crafting that out. On your piece of paper we’ll be writing a list of different headings for different goals. Writing out your goals is the first step that most people miss. Having a vague idea in your mind is 50% LESS effective than having clear, precise goals written on paper. Yes, studies have shown that those who write their goals down are actually 50% more likely to reach them! Let’s start with…

Wealth Goals

Under this heading, write down your 3 most important goals related to wealth. How much money do you want to earn per month, or per year?

How much money do you need to do the things you want to do (you may need to fill out the other goals first and come back to this section to figure that out).

If you are an employee, how much more money do you want to earn? If you are self-employed, how much more money to you want to earn? Is your goals simply to just get a job and start earning?

Write them out here and be SPECIFIC – I can’t stress that enough.

Body & Health

Next, we have your physical body and health goals. Do you want to lose fat this year? Gain muscle? How much?

Do you want to increase your fitness? If so, do you mean power, strength, or stamina? And by what measurable quantity? Simply getting fitter is not a goal if it doesn’t relate to anything. Super fitness may mean climbing a set of stairs to one person and running a marathon to the next person. It simply comes down to what YOU want your body to be able to do (and it should be something that affects your life positively in some way!)


Next we have relationships. What people or groups in your life do you wish relationships were better?

Are there certain people you wish to end relationships with (that’s fine). Are there relationships you’d like to improve or rekindle? Or are there relationships that you’d like to create? Write them all down here, and include your reason for wanting to do so.


The goals under this category are related to what you can give back to the world as a person. How will you give more of your time, effort or money to the world this year? What is it you can provide or help someone else with?

Maybe it’s helping your little sister do her homework, maybe it’s helping a friend learn how to play guitar, or for some of you giving back may even be donating $5000 to a charity that’s close to your heart!

The point is, you have something of value – a knowledge, skill, a talent or an ability – that another individual out there needs. And that thing of value will help the wider society evolve. Giving that thing will make you feel a lot better about everything and the happier you are the more likely you’ll be to reach your other goals!


This is what life is really made of! What adrenaline rushes, exotic places, feelings and other experiences do you want this year? It could be the experience of love for the first time, the experience of a once-in-a-lifetime holiday, making a certain amount of money – anything.

Step 2 – Refine and Strategize

The next step in effective goal setting is to refine the goals you’ve listed. The truth is if you spread yourself too thin by trying to achieve everything you’ll end up with nothing. It’s best to focus on 1-3 main goals, put all your energy and focus into them and then set the next goals once you’ve achieved them.

So look back at your list of all the goals under all the categories you listed. Pick out the top 3 goals that mean the most to you right now. Hint: they’ll be the goals that give you a warm, gooey feeling inside when you read them. You’ll know which ones you want the most – just let your feelings guide you.

Next we are going to strategize. Another HUGE reason why people fail to reach their goals is because often we set goals that are unrealistically high.

In fact, many books and ‘gurus’ tell you to “DREAM BIG!” and set massive goals, which is okay…. as long as you BELIEVE you can achieve them.

For if you don’t believe it can be done then your efforts will be compromised from the get-go. It’s important to note that it’s okay to say you don’t believe it can be done – YET. You’re not saying you don’t believe it can be done at all, you’re just truthful saying that you don’t think it can be done by you at this moment in time.

For instance I have a goal of becoming a millionaire. Because I believe I can. I believe it 100%. I believe it because I’ve seen it be done in my industry and by other professionals a hundred times over. I also spend a lot of time talking to people who earn millions and I’ve realised that they usually don’t have much more knowledge than the average person, or more resources or anything else.

All they had is the BELIEF that the average person didn’t have! They BELIEVED without a shadow of doubt that they’d become millionaires and they did.

Your belief can come to you in many ways (I’ve given you two of the very best tips for increasing your belief right above – see others who are doing what you are doing and have what you want, and speak to people who have what you want regularly – both these things raise your belief massively).

However, another way to increase your belief is to set strategies and tactics that may lead to the goal you want to achieve.

If I sell a book at $20 a time, and I want to earn another $1000 on top of my income each month, I can strategize that to do that I need to sell 50 more books per month. Or 12.5 per week. Or 1.7 (we’ll call it 2) books per day.

Now that goals doesn’t seem so tough, and my belief gets raised. All I have to do is ask a simple question – what daily habits must I perform repetitively in order to sell 2 books a day?

Which brings us to Step 3..

Step 3 – Daily Tasks

This is really where the big boys play! Every successful person I can think of – from Olympic athletes to billionaire investors – have decoded what their most effective 2-3 daily tasks are.

As described in the book example above, to earn that extra $1000 per month, I don’t need to worry about where that big load of money is going to come from. I just need to focus on selling 2 books per day.

And if I know that for every 10 people who walk into my store, 1 of them buys a book from me, I can calculate that I need to get 20 people into my store each day.

Then I can choose a set of tasks to get that done each day. I could choose to give gift vouchers to other businesses, ask my current customers for referrals, leave a post on Facebook each day etc, etc.

If your goal is to build lean muscle and get more confident talking to women what daily tasks do you need to do?

(The simplest answer I could give would be to deadlift or push press heavy, and talk to 1-2 women each day).

You see the point.

It’s the daily habits – and more specifically being able to STICK to those daily habits – that will make or break you. But no one wants to talk about that. It’s too boring.

They want to tell you to DREAM BIG and set MASSIVE GOALS that you don’t even believe you can reach yet!

But here’s where the magic happens – when you achieve your first small victory – your belief goes up.

Once you’ve made that first sale, your belief then tells you that you can make 4 sales in one day. Once you make 4 sales in one day, you’ll believe you can sell 10 books in one day. Before I know it, you’re selling 10 books a day and earning $6000 more per month than before.

You just have to make sure you RESIST the temptations. There’ll always be someone telling you that there’s a better way, a newer, more shiny way, a brand new tactic, a cheaper way, a more expensive way.

All methods – but no principles.

“Methods are many and principles are few. Methods often change but principles never do.”

Remember that quote and apply it to your simple, and believable goals. When it comes to this exercise next year your belief will be higher and you’ll be able to achieve more.

But not until you’ve got past the first hurdle in front of you.

Start there.

Step 4 – Find Accountability

It’s easy to bail on yourself, but someone keeping you accountable will do wonders.

Tell your friends, a family member of someone else what your goals are and ask them to keep checking up on you and that you have done your daily tasks. Tell them you’ll eat dog food if you don’t keep it up. Something like that should work!

Wrap Up

Remember this 4 step process for setting and achieving goals. Many people tell you that setting goals is all it takes – they are wrong. You must set them, but then you must see them through. Belief, daily habits and accountability will get you there.

Just the practice of writing your goals on paper (which you did) have made them 50% more likely that you’ll reach them. Can you feel it within you? Doesn’t writing them down help clarify what you wanted? You’ve probably thought of other new things you want as well.

Then when applied with all the other steps I’ve given you, your probability of reaching those goals should be 10 times what they were just 15 minutes ago.

Remember you CAN achieve the things you want. If you need to work on your belief of achieving it then simply scale it down until you find something you do feel good about.

Don’t believe you can earn a million yet? No problem.

Do you believe you can earn $1? Cool.

So then your belief limit is somewhere between those numbers. Find a number that makes you feel positive when you think of reaching it. That’s the first one to aim for.

The last step is to TAKE ACTION and get out there and go for it! Not later, but right now – TODAY. What daily task can you do before bed today? Think of it and do it. I know you can.

By the way, what ARE your goals for 2013? I’d love to hear them so if you’ve read this far then please drop me a comment below with your goals and your daily tasks to achieve those goals.

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By Justin Devonshire

Justin Devonshire is a Men’s Fitness Specialist & Creator of www.AlphaBodyBlog.com – the place for young men to learn the secrets of building strength, confidence and the lifestyle they desire, using secrets of the super successful that you don’t get taught in school.

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