11 Resolutions NOT to Make for 2013

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Use these guidelines to help you make effective resolutions for 2013.  Don’t be one of the millions who make big plans for change only to give up.



Caloric restriction and trying to out exercise your diet are both starvation.  Shop from the perimeter of the grocery store and know where your food comes from.  Real food doesn’t have nutrition labels.


  • Don’t: judge your health and progress by the scale.
  • Do: use the mirror, how your clothes fit, and waist size.

The only thing a scale measures is the effect of gravity on your body.  Measure your health by how you look and feel.  If you really want to measure something, use your waist, it is a much better indicator of health.


  • Don’t: “diet”
  • Do: change your lifestyle to something sustainable.

 A diet is something that you do short-term.  Unless you plan on living short-term, diets are worthless.  Do yourself a favor commit to a lifestyle change.


  • Don’t: overcomplicate your diet and exercise.
  • Do: keep it simple.

In a nutshell: Eat real food, lift heavy stuff, and be active.  There is no miracle band, cream, contraption, or gizmo that can substitute for lifting real weight. 


  • Don’t: keep your changes a secret.
  • Do: set yourself up for some accountability.

You will be much more likely to stick to your goals if there is social accountability involved.


  • Don’t: let others keep you down.
  • Do: stand out and be a positive influence on others.

You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with.  Surround yourself with positive people.  Life is too short to surround yourself with negativity.


 A treadmill/elliptical/thigh master is no replacement for a squat or deadlift.


  • Don’t: think that success happens overnight.
  • Do: realize that sustainable change takes time and don’t be discouraged.

There aren’t any quick fixes.  Real results take hard work and dedication.  You get out what you put in.


  • Don’t: set poor goals.
  • Do: set goals using the SMART format.

Set the right kind of goals and plan a reward for completion!


  • Don’t: do it alone.
  • Do: find someone to do it with you.

Involve your spouse, a friend, or someone on a social network.  Have someone else to hold you accountable.


Don’t: wait until January 1st.

Do: Start Today!


What’s will you do in 2013?  Tell us about in the comments below!

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